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VPN Software
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A VPN is essential for modern day practice, especially if you regularly travel and connect to Open WiFi's (such as hotels or Café's).

We generally recommend avoiding free VPNs as there is usually a reason why they are free, some of these are as simple as advertisements, some even sell your data, and for little cost, you can get great VPN support, with full security, so why not?

NordVPN, with many reviewers have maintained an excellent reputation as they offer great support, exceptional security, and ease of use for little cost. They have fast servers, do not even log any of your information and have kept excellent security measures at all times. (Android, Windows, and iOS)
ExpressVPN are another excellent and fast VPN provider that also do not log your information and maintain excellent security, the downfall is their not often the cheapest, but you know you're getting a good product..(Android, Windows, and iOS)
Cyberghost are another well known contender that offer their solution at an affordable price. It doesn't have the highest speeds in tests we've seen, but is a solid all round solution that doesn't log information and has great security. (Android, Windows, and iOS)
Surfshark is known for being quite fast, very secure, and very affordable, like the others we recommend, they strictly do not log your information and offer excellent security on all devices. (Android, Windows, and iOS)

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